Natural Gas
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Energy Cost Management - Natural Gas

Competitive Areas – Most States but varies by utility service territory

- Competitive solicitation process

  1. -Contract language negotiation

- Analysis of pricing options (Fixed, Basis, Full Swing, etc.)

- Transportation agreement management

- Volume / Storage management, especially in northern regions

“It has been a pleasure to partner with (Verdigris Energy) and I would highly recommend and endorse his work.  Jeff has a high degree of personal and professional integrity. He works diligently and proactively to explore and realize cost savings opportunities for his clients. He strives to create a business relationship that is low pressure, direct and to the point, and translates easily to management summaries.  He is knowledgeable and highly connected and experienced with the energy markets. He has broad expertise and in depth knowledge about the futures markets and how deregulated energy markets operate.  He will always take the time to explain and discuss market conditions, proposals, and potential contracts to your level of comfort.   Jeff has been able to deliver substantial savings.”

John Malik
Plant Controller, Kaiser Aluminum Corporation

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